Kellan Lutz talks about being a free spirit and keeping fit

Here's Part 2 of Twilight Parents Examiner's interview with Kellan Lutz.
About being a free spirit:
I just love what I do. I found myself going on this one path becoming a chemical engineer making $60,000 a year- it was a respectable job. But my personality needs more. The rush of having an audition or becoming another character was awesome. But thank God that He was there shooing me in the right direction. He just kept me safe, and I know I put my mom through some stressful times.
That’s why I wear a white bracelet on left wrist. It's my freedom bracelet. It’s finally my life and I get to do what I want to do, and it reminds me where I came from. I’m in it for the right reasons. I don’t care to be famous; I don’t care to be in the tabloids. I just love to act. I enjoy it so much. It’s just my favorite hobby that I’ve unlocked inside of myself, and I’d love to do it for the rest of my life.
About being snapped by the paparazzi driving a mini-van:
I did that on purpose- my family was in town, and I like taking my family to the stuff I get invited to so they can have a taste of the cake that is my life, in a way. So I didn’t care, I was like, let’s take the van. I hopped in the driver’s seat because I wanted to be photographed in it. We thought it was kind of funny- so we blasted the rap music.
Because if you can’t joke and have a good time… the paparazzi’s always going to be there, so you can either hide from them and not have a life, or you can have fun with it. If I go out into Hollywood, I know it’s a part of the territory. When I’m at home, though, I’ll go up to them and ask them not to shoot my house and to at least have the decency of that.
Check out Part 1 here.
The interview is pretty interesting, and gives us a different look at the guy who is Kellan Lutz. Anyone up for Team Emmett?? :D


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