Kellan Lutz: Humbled by Fans, Longs for Normalcy

Twilight Parents Examiner has an exclusive interview with Kellan Lutz.
After a grueling day on the set of Eclipse and playing guinea pig in preparation for shooting fight scenes, the always-gracious Kellan Lutz was sweet enough to use some of his much-needed down time to chat with me.
Kellan is an open book about many things close to his heart, including a several month journey to Africa to film Generation Kill, and his dog, Kola. During our conversation, however, the issue of respect came to play, giving fans an inside peek into the lack of privacy which has become a constant in the lives of the Twilight stars.
Hype surrounding the Saga and enthusiastic, gift-bearing fans are at a culminated high during the filming of Eclipse, as are paparazzi determined to catch the actors in any situation, both on and off set. While the actors of the Twilight Saga are incredibly generous and appreciative of their endearing fans, they, too, enjoy their much-needed, rarely granted seclusion.
About his fans and desire for unrequited privacy from paparazzi, Kellan said:
"Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.
But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there.
The other day I was working out at the gym. Photographers were shooting from across the street through the windows of the gym to me working out. I couldn’t just work out and blow off some steam. So where does the privacy start and the publicity end? When is it enough?
We’re all very happy to be working and be part of an amazing franchise like this, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s allowed me to get some great work and to do amazing movies, independent ones that I can show some great acting with, and some great character roles, but really, we’re just human…
I can’t fathom what other people go through. I’m just a part of this franchise… I’m Kellan. There’s nothing super special about me that’s worthwhile. I wish there were more pictures of people helping out. Show Brad and Angelina and all the good work they do. Show me at my charity events, but really, do you need to see pictures of me walking my dog 20 million times?"


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