Habbo, Summit Team Up for New Moon Promo

Twilight goes virtual with Habbo!
In a deal with the film's production company Summit Entertainment, announced today, Habbo's 13 million unique monthly users will soon have an opportunity to buy virtual goods such as a clock tower or Volturi crest, both memorialized in the vampire-themed teen romance thriller due to theaters this fall. The deal also includes the creation of movie-branded rooms, and Twilight-based activities and polls across Habbo's 31 communities worldwide.
While the launch carries no specific launch date, it's likely to be on or before the film's November 20 debut.
For Sulake, Habbo's parent, the fit was a natural. "Habbo users have been talking about Twilight in-game since the books came out, so the franchise was already on our radar," Habbo's North America boss Teemu Huuhtanen told VirtualWorldsNews. "Now, with the popularity of the first film, and the huge anticipation around New Moon, it's the biggest property in entertainment. And it fits perfectly with our teen demographic."
Sounds interesting...


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