Creepy fan hurls verbal assault at Alex Meraz

E! reports that a fan verbally assulted New Moon newbie (and hottie) Alex Meraz!
"Someone started yelling at me because they didn't like my character," Meraz told us last night at a Carrera Vintage Sunglasses party at the Chateau Marmont hotel.
"I play a bad boy, so she got mad at me," he added. "She said, 'I hate you, Paul!' That was the craziest thing for me—being confused for a character."
Meraz's response to the hater?...
"I yelled back at her, 'I love you, too!'" he said.
Charming, ain't he? Yet, he doen't think he is not up to par with Rob when it comes to being a sex symbol (Oh really? ;))
"Rob's just kind of soaking it up for everyone," Meraz said. "I'm happy to have just a smidgen of what he's got...I'm not worried about being a sex symbol."


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