Jackson Rathbone defends New Moon

One of the pivotal scenes in New Moon is Bella's birthday, where Jasper attacks Bella. Fans are worried that Jasper will not be inconsistent with the Jasper from Twilight. So, Jackson Rathbone voiced out and defends New Moon.
It all boils down to the fact that Jasper danced around the fire while Bella was bleeding heavily in Twilight but in New Moon he goes to attack Bella when she has a little papercut. 
Jackson told The Examiner: "It's all in the old saying, 'Location, location, location.' Once you realize the immense animalistic impulses a vampire has, you realize... every little thing is more intense. 
"The smell from a vampire-burning bonfire, the adrenaline from the kill, and the exhaustion from the chase, basically, in terms of scent, the difference is between a dance studio filled with smells (of) burning and violence, as opposed to the Cullen Family living room, which is filled with the smell of birthday cake. 
"There is no inconsistency, don't worry." 
Article by My Park Magazine.


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