Has the Twilight fandom gone overboard?

MTV recently posted an article about what is dubbed as 'Twilight violence'. 
Have you ever been verbally or physically abused because of your love for “Twilight”? Have you ever picked on someone else because their views of the vampire series weren’t in line with your own? Have you ever lashed out at someone just because they voiced their distaste for the Cullen clan?
There is a forum called 'Twilight Sucks'. Really. It's basically a bashsite/forum for the Twilight saga. MTV has shed some light on these attacks by linking to this forum.
Why I'm posting about this, you ask? 
I read about some of the attacks, and frankly, there are some Twihards are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fanatic about this entire thing. Sure, setting up a site or blog (hehe... like me) about Twilight shows your love and interest for the novel saga, but these people are, like, attacking in every way possible, whoever looks down on Twilight. Seriously!
But still, there is no certainty that these are TRUE stories, maybe just pure fiction/imagination. Still, if they were true... wow...
Some examples of attacks are:
There are many more stories, so if you want to check them out, brace yourself, and click here.
Would you attack someone who dislikes, or hate, Twilight?


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