Hey guys. Some news and updates.
Ever since famed author Stephen King said Stephenie Meyer 'can't write worth a darn', there's been some hatin' going 'round... The Baltimore Sun reports.
Rob's new flick How To Be has been annouced to be released in the States in April!
Alice Cullen has her own action figure!! Yay!!
Borders has a new twilight calendar out. It's an exclusive 2009-2010 18-month calendar that lasts from July 2009-December 2010! A new reason to crash the store, eh...
The Deadbolt reports that Hilary Duff really, really, really wants to be in new moon... Guess she sees new moon as a way to resurrect her career...
Twilight Coven Philippines has an exclusive interview with Solomon Trimble. Cool :)
Edward, Bella, and Jacob will be heading to Japan!!! YAY!!!! 
A law student posted up a list of crimes which the Cullens have commited. 


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