Madonna to be involved in the Twilight sequel ''New Moon!''

Oh no!! Here's another new moon casting/soundtrack news.
Rumours (aren't they a stinker?) are surfacing that Madonna might be involved in new moon!!
According to Ryan Seacrest on E! News, Madonna will be involved in the sequel to “Twilight” which the second movie will be made on the second book of the “Twilight Saga”, “New Moon”. Guy Oseary is the executive producer to the movie starring Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart.
It is unknown to whether Madonna will either act in the second installment to the saga film or sing for the soundtrack or both.
Twilight Lexicon went deeper into this rumour and they seem to think this is simply a rumour...
Did anyone who reads our blog actually hear Ryan Seacrest’s show and actually hear him mention this info? There is zip, nada, nothing to substantiate this over on E! (though various sources cite E!) and given the voracious way they have covered Twilight it seems odd that they wouldn’t put this front and center especially if one of their own correspondents got the scoop.
Usually when Ryan Seacrest says something Twilight related we got a bunch of fans who email us about what they heard, and frankly we haven’t gotten a single tip from a fan who actually heard Ryan say this.  So unless Ryan has suddenly lost a significant portion of his Twilight listeners, this is seeming kind of fishy to us.
** UPDATE **
Entertainment Weekly reports that although Madonna mught not act in the movie, but she might write songs for the movie. OME!


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