Twilight Comes Out With Perfume, Smells Like a Lawsuit.

Jerry Fetus (??) has an article posted on his website. It's about the twilight perfume. It so happens that it looks EXACTLY like another perfume, "Nina" by Nina Ricci!! Ooh.

The 'Nina' by Nina Ricci perfume 

The twilight perfume

Read the complete article here.


  1. I love your blog. I read your post awhile ago, and saw that Perez Hilton only just reported on this story. Thanks for all the timely, cool stories.

  2. hey,do u by any chance know when we will be getting the perfume in m'sia?

  3. Patricia, that i'm not sure, but higher chances are that it will not be available here, as do most other Twilight merchandise

  4. All i can say is AHHHH i cant even describe twilight......i luv it so fucking much ...sry 4 the language...but this place rocks and i want the perfume so bad but its like slod out everywhere...bummer! ILY MELL, STEPHENIE MEYER, and ALL OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA BOOKS!!!

  5. Hi, greetings from Argentina,nice blog.


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