Screenplays Selected for 'The Storytellers'

The Storytellers contest has selected six screenplays that will advance into the next stage.

via EW:

Lionsgate, Women In Film, Facebook, Volvo, and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer joined forces to present The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga project, in which female writers and directors were allowed to submit original stories in the form of short films, so long as the films were set in the Twilight universe and based on those characters.

After 1,200 submissions, EW can exclusively reveal the six winners of the screenplay portion of the competition. 

The Groundskeeper” by Sarah Turi Boshear follows Alice and the events that led to her becoming a vampire.

Sunrise” by Alanna Smith tells Benjamin’s story.

Turncoats” by Lindsey Hancock Williamson is about Garrett and Carlisle during the Revolutionary War.

The Mary Alice Brandon File” by Kailey and Sam Spear focuses on Alice’s human life before she became a vampire.

Consumed” by Cullyn Doerfler & Megan L. Reese tells Jane and Alec’s story.

We’ve Met Before” by Thea Green is all about Alice and Jasper’s first meeting.

Check out all six screenplays on the contest's Tongal website. There's also a sweepstakes contest presented by Volvo, but as usual, U.S. residents only (we're ineligible).

via EW, Tongal


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