Vulture Reviews 'Still Alice'

Entertainment website Vulture posted up a review of Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore (who won a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Awards for this role) and Kristen Stewart. The reviewer said really positive things about Kristen.

The only other performance of note is by Kristen ­Stewart as the actress daughter, Lydia. I’ve never quite understood the hatred for Stewart, who drifted off-course as her star rose but has always struck me as a truthful actress — authentically sullen and dodgy. Her Lydia is a completely credible unformed young woman, an emotional misfit in a house of high-accomplishing brainiacs. Acting opposite Moore would be enough to make anyone lay off the weed, and Stewart brings her A-game.

Check out the full review at Vulture. Still Alice will be released in Malaysian cinemas in February. 

via Vulture


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