Bronson Pelletier Joins "The Apartment: Celebrity Edition" TV Show

Bronson Pelletier, who starred in The Twilight Saga as Jared Cameron, joins an all-star cast for the latest season of reality/design TV show, 'The Apartment'. He's labelled on the show as model/singer, oddly enough.

From StarWorldTV:

This season, The Apartment brings to you an all-Celebrity cast of aspiring designers who have been plucked from the film stages of Hollywood, the recording studios of Hong Kong, the high fashion runways of Europe, and the set of Master Chef in the Philippines. Each has given-up a huge slice of their jet-set life for a chance to prove that they can saw, paint, hammer, and plant like a superstar. Host and Mentor Jamie Durie, returning Judge Andrea Savage, and Head Judge Laurence Llewyln-Bowen are taking the show to its most glamorous setting EVER, the sun-kissed beaches of beautiful Phuket, Thailand. 

The previous seasons were quite fun to watch, and I'm guessing this would be quite fun, too. The show airs every Sunday, 9:40pm, on Star World Asia (Astro ch711).

via TheApartmentTV, StarWorldTV


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