'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Press Conference - Transcripts

Check out the transcripts from the press conference. Credits to Twilight Lexicon!

Bill Condon

Bill Condon’s priority was making sure it was a satisfying ending. Hard to bring powers to screen.
Bill didn’t want Bella’s Power to be a “Wizard of OZ bubble”
Alec’s was a darker power we wanted a horror movie effect
Bill: "These movies speak to the achievement of Kristen Stewart”. She was a badass warrior in the afternoon and an emaciated warrior in the morning
Fight sequence challenges: Bill jokes the sequence we aren’t supposed to talk about
Whats hard is this battle sequence is there are no horses, banners, only way to kill these people is physically rip them apart how do you make that interesting.
Different tone from first movie
Completion  of Bellas story more assertive.
Second part is a bit of an epic action movie with humor thrown in
Bill’s favorite vamp movie is Coppola’s Dracula
Bill talks about us being the most interactive fanbase and in Brazil there were photos 20 minutes after scene.  In fact these fan postings alerted them tot eh fact there were wedding rings missing in the shots.
Very aware he was making it for the fans.
Stephenie Meyer approved the battle sequence and cooked it up with Melissa Rosenberg over a dinner.
Is there an effect with Career post twilight? No

Michael Sheen

On his daughter’s opinion of the book: She originally told him he was supposed to be bald and was annoyed her dad was encroaching on “her thing”. She’s now OK with it.
On comic vs. evil Aro: He thinks he’s a sentimental old fool watching the young and then kills them for amusement. He thinks Aro gets board and tries to amuse himself.
He actually even creeped himself out on how sadistic and ruthless and insanity he has
Jokes he has red eyes naturally.  He was used to it from teh underworld lenses. But it was the first time he had to wear them longer and his were larger than rest of cast practically colored whole eye. Someone else had to put them in whole audience is sqimish in the description
Looking at series through a TwiHard’s eyes reflection: In retrospect feels like he has an insider but oursider view. He doesn’t get recognized often until parents recognize him then their kids go crazy. He thinks fans like his daughter will really appreciate it
Thinks Bill Condon is sensitive to fans and Bella’s journey
He’s seen film twice he cries at the end “goodness knows what 14 year old girls will do”
On vamp camp: Enjoyed working with others. Loves vamp films and each generation reinvents it. 
Comparing Aro to Tony Blair: One is a self delusional psycho and the other is Aro. Aro has insaity that goes beyond Blair.

Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, Melissa Rosenberg
Closest to what Stephenie imagined in her head  when writing:
Lee Pace as Garrett
Valorie Curry as Charlotte
Mia Maestro as Carmen
Stephenie: first vamp Bella scene filmed was Christmas Scene and Steph was doing a “quiet happy dace” because Kristen was so go as vamp Bella
Steph: ending isn’t alternative ending. Part of end are not Bella’s POV. There are things that happen but we don’t know it because Bella doesn’t see it
Step and Melissa over a steakhouse dinner figured out how to put in action but not violate the original story
Stephenie writes best at night. During day it’s impossible with kids being up. As to what is next for her it’s The Host.
On Humor:
Steph: everyting in tongue in cheek in my head, Bill has natural talent for humor
Melissa: BD1 not as much humor, but BD2 with new vamps especially Garrett give opprtunity for snarky humor, Taylor too
Stephenie on Nessie: Hard to figure out how to do it.
Needed younger actress who could act older
Thank GOd technlogy could do it. Mackenzie was old soul in young body. Unreal that she was 9 and 10
They CGied her face using Mackenzie’s facial expresssion on younger version
On dream was she visited?—this interviewer is cwazzzy
No she doesn’t think she was visited. Stephenie wrote the dream within 15 minutes of having it
Downside to Vampire:
Edward resists happiness, thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Has seen many unhappy vamps and doesn’t want Bella to feel that way
Big drawback it’s forever,  like tatoos “thinngs I was into 10 years ago thank God I didn’t tatoo them on my body”
It’s superpowers with a cost how do you deal with it all
Last shot was beach St. Thomas on midnight swim reshoot and they eneded as Danw broke literally
Does she think Jacob and renseme have kids what are they like:
She has it all in there in her head
She now has the actors in her head in a sense they corrupted her imagination
She’s not sure if she will revisit them
Wyck Goddfery says we keep sending her George Luicus press releases
Kristen awesome momma bear
Mackenzie loved by all
Will she let others play in her universe:
She says I don’t know I’m very hands on. It doesn’t always ring right, but in 10 years who knows
When asked if there will be travelling show of Props and costumes like the Potter:
Steph says you’d have to ask marketing team

Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, and Jackson Rathbone
What would they want for their character’ s future:
Esme wants a break. She and Carlisle will go to their island and let the kids run free
Jackson hunting in Africa
Kellan: Rose and Emmet hit the cabin and don’t come out
On new vamps:
We would joke with them haze them a little
They were fans of some of the new ones like Omar Metwally, Maggie Grace, and Lee Pace
Liz was standing next to Omar and Rami for 6 weeks as they planned battle they are good friends
Jackson pranked Erik Odom telling him they forgot to put in his fangs and sent him all the way back to the make up tent
Liz Reaser:
Esme has improved my style from sweats to pencil skirts
Jackson and Kellan on stunts:
So much fun .
Liz hit Kellan by mistake. It intimidates her. She struggles with it
Nikki learned it’s more like a dance. There’s a graceful element to it. You also never know if what you did would end up in the final cut
Toni Trucks choreographed the dance sequence:
best dancer Michael Sheen was crziest dancer he had the craziest moves Liz Reaser acts it out.
Kellan “Emmmett is the monkey man just like Tarzan”, talking on him upcoming role as that character.
Nikki on maternal instinct working with baby and what like working with kids on set:
Nikki loves kids
She’s persoanlly not ready for kids at eh moment
She’s constantly impressed with McKenzie and how normal her and her mother was
She hung out with McKenzie’s family a lot having dinners they lived near each other on set
What would they give their character for the holidays and would they have superpowers:
Nikki superpowers too nervewracking, what to give her (collider yells out bottle of Xanex all laugh)
Kellan Emmet new Jeep wrangle
Jackson Jasper gets gift card to blood bank for he can get snacks
Esme wants Obama to win and everyone be happy
Did they take anything:
Kellan is this off the record
Nikki has nothing too much of a scardiy cat, but does have her baseball shoes b/c Kristen got them for her
On keeping in touch:
Liz: Nikki is really good at connecting with all
Liz I’m in denial it’s ending I’ll have a meltdown in Decmeber
Nikki I feel really sad, It’s hard to comprehend it’s over. 
Do they watch other vamp shows:
Jackson likes genre in general, Gerard Bulter, Nosferatu, UNderworld. There are so many styles. Loves teh vibrant Vamp world and now this movie you see world expand.
Liz: Interview with a vampire is a favorite

Taylor Lautner
If he could go back in time what advice would he give himself franchise wise:
Soak up every moment it goes so fast
Dealing with renesmee how did you find caring vs creepy:
Stephenie helped a lot with advice she said stop over complicating it. Just focus here and now. Life long bond that is brother sister right now. I learned not to think ahead. Bill did a great job too it’s delicate
Back in the day what were your first impressions of Rob and Kristen:
Doesn't remember meeting Rob, I had no real scenes wtih im too mcuh
Kristen  was there when I cam ein mid way I was younges ton film that day. It was the scene on beach. I was awkaward (we were there we have video)
Taylor: I’ve grown up so much I started this at 15. I learned so much from differnt directors. Loved playing a character for so long He learned from Jacob: he loved him. He respect the character that he wised he had loyalty persistance. Will be tough to say goodbye
On bond with Rob and Kristen:
It’s the biggest thing I'll take from this relationships
They are some of my best friends now
I know this will go on forever this cast meshed so well
It’s amazing and a miracle
On Wolfing out in front of Charlie:
Awkward but fun
I’m always naked and everyone else in clothes
Hilarious to film (having seen the moive it is terrrific)
On the wig—letter to twilight asked this:
They did a franchise wrap on the wig
He was asked if he wanted it he said no, he now thinks he should have kept it.
Favorite scene to film:
Kristen discovering he imprinted on Nessie
Weirdest encounter:
more baffling was person who asked him to sign her arm and then she tatooed it “Man that’s deadication, sorry you did that”
Taylor on having to fight to keep role:
It was all he focused on an wasn’t going to let anything happen
He had huge support from Kristen, Chris weitz
Doesn’t miss wolfing down all teh protein shakes, bugers, etc
On next project wants to challenge himself:
He’s reteaming with twilight producers from something new thats serious and dramatic
On being serious and comic because movies filmed back to back:
Hard to change  so radically
He loved playing new and peaceful Jacob who knows who he is and where he belongs nice to smile once in awhile
Greatest thing learned about himself:
Hard to choose one thing
As an actor learned so much from those surrounding him
As a person hard to tell
moving forward so thankful for teh franchise and the doors it’s opened

Kristen Stewart
Now Bella as tiger out of cage what was it like to play vamp and non vamp bella and rights of passage:
I was so lucky to play her human so long and her gift comes from her well rounded humanity
It’s a more realized version of who she has been
She can now stand up and say it’s all been worth it
It’s kind of like breaking bella in as a car
Keeping stuff from set:
All teh rings
the mood ring reminds her of catherine harwicke they are extremely important to her
On stunt work:
She broke her thumb the first day I think I was little over zealous
I so enjoyed getting to do what I was waiting to do for four years
On every movie I kept thinking I could do that I want to do that
This was also my question and I thanked her on behalf of Twiligth fans for taking us seriously and being the biggest twilight champion for four years
On what is the best moment in time age to be frozen:
No idea she’s not there yet
Effect on career:
Things have always fallen in her lap she feels lucky and will be happy if that continues
I’m now at point of more confidence and want to dig deeper
on acting and bella:
Question everyithing it makes you better. It makes you push harder for the truth of the story
On seeing final moments of movie:
It’s so crazy to have the beautiful moment that it is. It was a good thing that no one was around her when she saw it. tresured the moment. Bill Condon put his finger on what drives Twilight romantic and not in a sappy sense it’s stirring. Bill hit the right tone other directors wouldn’t have Bill is a huge fan of the story
On playing a mom:
YOur born or not to be strongly, strongly maternal. One of my favortite things from day one was that there could never be enough of that for me. Stephenie felt the same and totally supported this. It was the one aspect I was most exicted to play. What better way to show animalistic side that maother protecting. I’ve always had a great relatioship with my mom. She can be a bit feral but all moms are like that. I can’t wait to be a mom…BUT…I CAN WAIT!
Ending of franchise: I don’t feel like I have to walk away from this I will always carry this (she says this with huge smile on her face)
Glad it’s over? Happy that the story is completely and fully told in 5 years. But not excited just to be done with the experience. reshoots conversations with past directors it’s just falls back into a wonderful feeling will miss that constantly happening. It is a little sad and strange things move. But again I don’t feel like I’m giving this up
On Phenomena:
I can’t define that and I get asked all teh time. Jokes “If I could I’d phenomena all day”
Would I do another franchise:
It’s a huge committemtn and I’m not a fan of anything on particular like comic books that I feel super passionate about, but never say never
What would she get for Christmas:
Kristen stewart says “I don’t know” looks at the Twilight sites and asks us. We all froze and then I said “lots of babysitting from Rosalie”
Would she live forever:
On buying herself any special with twilight money:
no not really

Robert Pattinson
So what do you think this whole experience mean in retrospect:
Back on the first movie people were aksing me how I would feel when it ends
It’s going to take 10 years to settle in my brain
I’m bewildered that it’s ending
I don’t even tthink fans and Stephenie know why they connect to it
If he could go back in time what advice would you give yourself:
Drink vodka not beer
Get a 6 pack as early as possible and you’ll be a much more successful actor
I don’t know it’s actually great gett ing the terror and the actual surprises
We visited Germany in Olympic stadium and thousaunds were there screaming how do you prepare for that
What was the last scen he filmed:
beach in St Thomas
It was hilarious that we end in tropica; beach after spending so much time in cold pacific northwest
Was sad to let Edward go, up until last shot found Edward frustrating and confusing on how to play it right
I needed to find the fallibility and weaknesses and play that. Hard because so many have their unique ideas
Best thing to leave behind saddest to leave behind:
Sad to not play a well know character again and to keep going at a character. Having new directors stopped him from getting lazy with it
Worst part playing a part where you can’t hurt or die how do you relate to that and was struggle on how to hit that tone
How will Twilight impact career:
You can’t be afraid of typacsting I hope peopel accept me as other things I get offered other roles
Hopefully in 10 years  peopel remember it well
It will be amazing if this tenacious fanbase is the same in 10 years
On first film:
We were all new it shaped us
Going forward is this level of success on this film intimidating on a career level:
I would like more control on my public image.
It’s impossible apart from Denzel Washington to control your success (jokes) you take what comes
Superheroes are garanteed big money but thats not always fulfilling
Sometimes many small roles are fulfilling but even times you’ll get cut from any picture
there are no guarantees
Is he glad it’s over:
As soon as someone says franchise it has negative connotation Burger King is a franchise it’s scary as an actor you feel like you have no control
On fame is he bigger in UK than here
It’s relatively similar
He says he gets more abuse in UK press it’s cultural
On MacKenzie:
I like working with kids and animals and everyone says you shouldn’t but I like it because they are so natuarl you feel like you aren’t acting. Liked being onscreen dad
On other vamp franchises:
Really liked Blade, he’s not perse a vamp fan like zombie movies instead. He says (jokes) it’s more like being a pyscolocal problem
Really like on BD2 Rami Malek’s Bejamin character calls Rami a great actor
First time meeting Taylor and Kristen:
Taylor: I remember him that wig (rolls his eyes)
When I was on Potter I remember Dan Rupert and Emma and thinking they are actors and I’m not and I was starstruck because of inexperience. Was a bit star struck of Kristen. He’s still starstruck on the Potter trio
It was so intimidating back then with people losing their mind over a casting announcement


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