'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Character Posters - The Irish and Romanian Covens

The Irish Coven

Leader: Siobhan
Members: Siobhan, Liam & Maggie 
Special Powers: Maggie is able to tell if a person is lying.
Relationship to the Cullens: All the members of the Irish coven are old friends of Carlisle. They come to Forks to help their old friend stand against the Volturi threat.
Relationship to the Volturi: The Irish have no previous relationship with the Volturi. During her first century as a vampire, Siobhan met a few Volturi guards and considered approaching the Volturi for official consideration, but ultimately she never did.

Name: Liam
Status: Vampire
Group: The Irish Coven
Date of Birth: Around 1615
Date of Transformation: 1651, at approximately age 36

Name: Maggie
Status: Vampire
Group: The Irish Coven
Date of Birth: 1832
Date of Transformation: 1847, at age 15
Special Abilities: Can tell if a person is lying

Name: Siobhan
Status: Vampire
Group: The Irish Coven
Date of Birth: Around 1490
Date of Transformation: Around 1510, at approximately age 20

The Romanian Coven

Leader: None – They are the last two of a once great coven.
Members: Stefan & Vladimir
Special Powers: None.
Relationship to the Cullens: Always looking for an opportunity to fight the Volturi, the Romanian’s hear the Cullens are standing up to the Volturi and come to forks in hopes of fighting and overthrowing the Volturi.
Relationship to the Volturi: The Romanian coven ruled the vampire world until the Volturi decimated the coven and took over power. When the Romanians were overthrown, both Stefan & Vladimir lost their mates during the battles. They constantly search for ways to damage the Volturi’s power & take any possible revenge against them. The Volturi periodically send vampires after them, but the Romanian Coven remains on guard against them.

Status: Vampire
Group: The Romanian Coven
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Transformation: Before 1000 B.C.

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