Day Two of Dawn in Brazil!

Production is moving real fast down in Brazil! After scenes in the streets of Lapa, the production crew moves on to Paraty, where a few scenes were shot. The scene includes a waterfall scene, as well as the Isle Esme scenes.

Twilight Lexicon sums it up:

* Filming in the waterfall area began early today
* The area is not accessible barriers and security have the area sealed off
* The most you can see are crew trucks
* Stephenie Meyer is not at this location but it is believed that Rob and Kristen and their doubles are
* Filming should shift later today to the Isle Esme location
* It is believed that Stephenie Meyer will be at the Isle Esme location
* There is a veritable flotilla of boats piled with photographers and fans anchored off the island at the 200 yard perimeter established and patrolled by the Brazilian navy. Anyone attempting to break the perimeter will have to deal with the Brazilian navy

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* Latest info has Edward jumping off a waterfall and then swimming up to Bella and kissing her. The risky parts of this will be done by stunt doubles the non-risky by Rob and Kristen 
* Kristen is wearing a bikini and Rob board shorts 
* The ambulance seen in the above picture is in case anyone was injured in filming the dive 
* The waterfall scene is maybe 5 minutes tops 

It's a long post, so be ready. Here's a loose translation from Capricho:

And there are so many things happening with the filming of "Breaking Dawn" in Brazil today that our team was divided in two. While Aline was behind the house where blessed to write the love scenes between Bella and Edward, I realized for the Taquari waterfall, 23 km from the center of Paraty. The situation of Paraty is this: At every corner you look, you quietly find a group or someone with strong security badge in English. And every time we get thinking "OMG! Does Sthephanie Meyer will come in the shop now? " Unfortunately we have not had such luck, but even yesterday, in our restaurant a team that missed figrantes wake up early recordings purchases today, yes, the waterfall.

The information we had was that there would saved some outdoor scenes with stuntmen Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Since we spend the day in Robsten "Isle Esme" filming the expected - and romantic! - Scenes from the honeymoon couple's protagonist. When I arrived on site, several cars, generators and a strong security scheme is seen. Soon we were approached by a security with the Rio Movies that told us that the waterfall was too crowded and would not go near it for today. "And what role is this here?" I asked. "We're filming a commercial."

Gente reports:

The couple protagonist of the film series "Twilight" Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, filmed since the early morning of Tuesday for the movie "Dawn" at a waterfall in the region of Taquari, municipality of Paraty, in southern state of Rio de Janeiro. About 15 security guards, backed by military police, preventing access of the press and onlookers to the site. According to producers of the feature film, you can only get to the waterfall through a track.
Pattinson and Kristen left the hotel where they spent the night in Paraty little after five o'clock in the morning and headed straight for Taquari. They must remain in the region until the early evening. According to a source heard by the IG, after recording the waterfall actors are likely to follow the location of the Mamamguá in Paraty-Mirim. A mansion on the site will also serve as the backdrop for the filming of the movie.
Stephenie Meyer, author of the books that inspired the film series, does not accompany the filming on Tuesday. She preferred to stay at the hotel in Paraty.

After the waterfall, Capricho moved on to Isle Esme. They took photos from an allowed distance.

Motorboat, 25 minutes are up Mamanguá here in Paraty. I left the marina at 11 am, all urged to, to find the setting for the recordings. Neither the wild waves prevented me from getting there, hahaha! Seriously ... The island is really beautiful! Water is superverdinha, the clean sand and whim was the first and only to spend hours on duty there in front (imagine my tan right now, hahaha!).

At the site, has a bigger house, where the recordings are made, and a smaller, where production is being made. Contrary to what many people said so, access to the island is not so hard (no one bar you if you want to hire the service of boats go). While we were on the island, nobody stopped us anything. Yes there was, however, an isolation area that began around 150 or 200 yards from the house. As the whim told to you before, Robert and Kristen have descended on the island, on Sunday. Despite the possibility of the actors have been sleeping here in Paraty, a source told us that they are in a house, simpler and Mamanguá, to facilitate movement to the recordings. While there, we found the house in which the source said: In "Isle Esme", the production is a mile a minute. The recordings should only happen tomorrow, because a house was being imploded next to the site and the producers did not want anything messed up the perfect shot. While we were there we saw the decoration rolling loose. A staff worked to leave the sand perfect for the scenes, while other staff decorated the entrance with plants and artificial flowers.

Sources: Capricho, 2, TwiLexicon


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