Bella to Keep Her Clothes On, and That Dress is Vintage

A few weeks ago, a rumour floated around the web that in Breaking Dawn, there will be scenes where Bella would be wearing a little bit of nothing. Gossip Cop investigates this matter.

“The script actually has Kristen practically naked in it, a lot,” claims an E! source, and while that site is careful to point out that Breaking Dawn will be PG-13, other outlets have seized on the “naked” detail and suggested that director Bill Condon might push the boundaries with a bare Bella.

Gossip Cop spoke with a source who’s seen the script and tells us that if people think they’re going to see Stewart naked… it ain’t gonna happen. The scenes will be “romantic,” but the script does not call for nudity, and moviegoers won’t see any parts of Stewart they haven’t already. So while Breaking Dawn will be the most sexualized film in the series, don’t expect Stewart to spend “a lot” of it naked.

On another note, that beige/white dress Bella (Kristen) wore in the Lapa street (left) scenes is one-of-a-kind vintage. Then again, similar dresses would pop out somewhere soon enough. The shoes are by Michael Kors.


  1. I really love that dress! Also love Bella's blue jacket and prom dress from Twilight =D


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