Breaking Dawn Casting and Filming Location Rumours, Updates

Now that Breaking Dawn is nearing production, news and rumours are popping left, right, and centre like daisies in the spring. Both casting news and filming location news is all around the web.

Let's start with casting news.

Weeks ago, rumour has it that Lee Pace (from Pushing Daisies) is up for the role if Garrett. That was a rumour. Then, an official news came out that Rami Malek is now in the cast as Benjamin for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yay! Now, the latest casting news is that the role of Renesmee already has a potential (but not confirmed) candidate! 

The actress' name is Kayla D, and according to Model Management Group USA, "Kayla is the little girl up for the role of Bella's daughter in the new film in the Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn." Hmm ... we shall wait and see.

As for the humans in the movies, they don't have much of a role in Breaking Dawn, but Michael Welch has confirmed that he will be back for Part 1! So, what about the other humans?...

As for filming locations, we all know that Baton Rouge,Louisiana and Vancouver, BC is already chosen as filming locations. What is still in the cards, however, is Brazil. AFP reports:

The cast and crew of the hit “Twilight” vampire movie series may abandon plans to shoot scenes from the final movie in Rio after a deadly shoot out there last weekend between police and a gang who took hostages in an upmarket tourist hotel. Riofilme, the city's agency for promoting movie production, told AFP that "Twilight"'s US production company Summit was in talks with Rio de Janerio state officials who were trying to convince them to stay... The potential loss of "Breaking Dawn" and the one million dollars it was expected to inject into Rio's economy was despairing for many in the city"

Summit gave a statement, saying "The possibility of filming portions of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN in Brazil has always been under consideration and we are continuing to scout locations within the country.”. There's hope after all!!

Meanwhile, at the Emmys, Melissa Rosenberg was asked about the script and the movie, and she says there's still hope for Brazil.


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