The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Charity Screening in Kuching

Heads up!

In case you don't already know, Twilighters Malaysia will be having a charity screening for Eclipse in KL. They have also asked my help to organize one in Kuching! Yay!!

So, I'm hoping that you will help spread the word to your friends who are from East Malaysia, or if you are from EM yourself, who wants to attend this screening. 

Here's what you gotta do:


RSVP and PAYMENT is open until 15th May 2010.

** Please wait for our verification before you proceed with payment. **

This event is only open to 92 pax only

**MOST IMPORTANT** You gotta register at

Rules & regulations:
1) RSVP opens until 15th May 2010
2) DO NOT RSVP as "Attending" if you are not sure of attending
3) Please give these details IN THE COMMENT BOX once you have RSVP (those who RSVP as "Attending" without giving info WILL NOT count)
- Name:
- I/C No:
- No of seats:
- Tshirt size for each guest with indication for male or female [e.g.: Male-M(1), L(2) ; Female-S(2)]
- Contact No: (Please make sure the number is valid and reachable)
4) Give the details only IF you CAN CONFIRM your attendance

T-Shirt Size:
Male: S-32' , M-34' , L-36' , XL-38' , XXL-40'
Female (with shape): S-26' , M-28' , L-30' , XL-32' , XXL-34'
** This refers to shoulder length times 2 (standard Malaysian size)

You can pre-order extra t-shirt @ RM40 per piece. Please leave your details in the event comment box.
RM6 : One t-shirt
RM7 : max two t-shirt

Subject: T-shirt order
1) Name
2) Quantity and size [e.g.: Male-M(1), L(2) ; Female-S(2)]

Ticket price @ RM40 per pax

Package includes:
- One ticket to watch Eclipse & among ones to watch one day before official release date
- Goodie Bag + t-shirt total worth RM50++ (excluding sponsors items, if any)

All payment must be made to the following account:


And please leave the payment details in the event comment box once the transaction is done.

1) Name (Please let us know if you are using some else account)
2) Paid for : (RSVP name - e.g.: You RSVP for 2 pax and a fren RSVP for 6 pax and you want to seat together, so list your name and his/her name)
3) Amount
4) Date & Time (according to your receipt and not your watch or laptop/PC time)
5) Transaction ref no
6) Payment method (e.g.: cimbclicks, cash dep, atm transfer, local chq deposit or Interbank)

FOR T-SHIRT PAYMENT ~ Please add postage cost (Only if you are ordering extra t-shirt)
1) Name (Please let us know if you are using some else account)
2) Amount
3) Date & Time (according to your receipt and not your watch or laptop/PC time)
4) Transaction ref no
5) Payment method (e.g.: cimbclicks, cash dep, atm transfer or Interbank)
6) Address
7) Contact

Any additional info on event will be broadcast and updated from time to time.


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