Twilight: New Moon Hot Topic tour kicks off in L.A.

The New Moon cast were in L.A. to kick off the Hot Topic New Moon Tour!! Robsten Lovers gave their report on the event:
The line moved quickly and was super well organized. The Hot topic staff answered all of our questions and the crowd of Twi-hards were decked out in their New Moon tees and I heart Edward signs! We lucked out when we got into Hot Topic as there was four cast members anticipated and we got six! Billy Burke was first and we asked him if he was tired from the long day of press and he said not really…we thanked him for coming out for the fans and he said the fans were amazing. Next up, was Alex Meraz…we told him to look out for us on twitter and he said her recognized us from the time we had seen him in Vancouver. Next we said hello to Elizabeth Reaser. We told her that we loved her in Grey’s and The Family Stone and she said she doesn’t always watch herself in her movies but she really enjoyed that one. Ashley Greene looked drop dead gorg! She was next…we mentioned how much we loved her Halloween costume and she said she had a lot of un that night and that she had a little extra added to her peacock costume so it wasn’t too short. Bronson Pelletier gave us a what’s up nod…Then we asked Jamie Cambell Bower how he was doing and he said in his adorable accent, “I’m living the dream…I’m living the dream.” The cast was gracious and sweet and signed a New Moon poster for each of us. After we headed downstairs for the concert and cast Q/A.
The bands were great and we got to hear music from Sea Wolf, Anya Marina & Death Cab for Cutie. Then after a few minutes…they announced that they had three people they thought we’d like to meet... Out sauntered Rob, Kristen, and Taylor…AMAZE. Rob had his million dollar smile and Kristen shouted out “Let’s hear it for Death Cab for Cutie” Rob Kristen and Taylor weren’t on the roster so it was the surprise of a lifetime for any Twi-fan (ourselves included).
After Rob, Kristen, & Tay headed out the entire group came out for a Q/A session. There was Billy Burke, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Bronson Pelletier, Cam Bright, Ashley Greene, and Jamie Cambell-Bower.
They asked the cast what their favorite all time movies were and here are a few of the answers:
Ashley: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Kellan: Casablanca
Elizabeth: Dirty Dancing
And then they asked the cast what they’d be doing if there weren’t there at the event right now…
Billy: said he’d be at the poker tables
Ashley: said a game night like Taboo
Kellan: said a game night also and he’d invite all the fans.
Nikki: said ice skating in Rockerfeller Center
There were more questions asked but it was hard to catch it all with all of the excitement of Rob, Kristen, & Taylor popping in last minute and the general “noise” known as excited Twilight Fans…what a great night to love Twi!
So cool!! When is Hot Topic opening in KL??


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