EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Hurricane Bells

I got a chance to get an exclusive interview with Hurricane Bells (Steve Schiltz), who contributed the awesomely awesome track on the New Moon soundtrack, "Monsters".
How did you come up with the name Hurricane Bells?
I was playing around with names and googling them one night on the internet, and I discovered that hurricane bells were these heavy stone bells that were used to warn people by the sea of an oncoming storm. nobody had used the name for anything I could see, and i thought the image was perfect. so I took it...
What genre does your music fall in?
Good music.
Are your music limited only to the US, or will you expand worldwide?
Right now we have had to rush to get the Hurricane Bells record out, faster than we'd planned, due to the Twilight movie. but we are figuring out how the record will be available in other countries, now. Thanks for being patient!
"Monsters" is one of my favorite tracks from the New Moon soundtrack. How did the song come about? Is it inspired by a scene from New Moon?
Thank you! 'Monsters' was written long before New Moon. Or maybe it was written at the same time? I don't know. I have had the song kicking around since about 2005. I had recorded it for the Hurricane Bells record, then decided to leave it off, when it was chosen for the movie.
Have you heard of Twilight before contributing to the New Moon soundtrack?
Yes, but I had no idea that it was a very big movie, and I had not read the books. Since the song has been chosen, I have read all 4 books and seen both movies...
Any future plans? Any message to aspiring musicians and rock band out there?
I guess the future plans are to get the Hurricane Bells record out in other countries, and there is going to be some touring. We already had plans to put the record out in February, before the movie thing happened. so we will still get a deluxe cd/book kinda thing together and out around then, and there are a few videos that are done that will be coming out. there are some more extra songs, too.....maybe someone wants to use one of THOSE for a movie???
I am not one to give advice, but if i did it would be to work hard and enjoy it. And eat three square meals a day.
Thanks to Steve and Brian!


  1. nice interview.
    check out this one: http://www.twilightnewmoon.info


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