Muse May Be On Third 'Twilight' Soundtrack Too

Well, we have always loved Muse. Muse is also Stephenie Meyer's muse in creating the Twilight world. So, honestly, they should return for the third album.
Muse are apparently fully embracing their status as the "Twilight" band. They've already had their track "Supermassive Black Hole" on the first film's soundtrack, and come Friday, Twilighters can get their hands on the "New Moon" soundtrack, which features the group's remixed track "I Belong to You."
Now it looks like there's a good chance the British rockers will be back for even more vampy fun on the "Eclipse" soundtrack. "It's great to have the feeling of being a new band again in so many people's eyes or minds ... we might even do something for the third one," drummer Dominic Howard told MTV News. "How about that for a scoop?"
Nothing is set in stone yet, but Howard noted that besides being a favorite of "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer, they also have an in with "Eclipse" director David Slade.
"[Slade is] kind of a friend of ours 'cause he directed about three or four of our videos for the second album, and he's a really great video director," Howard explained. "I know he did that really great kind of sick horror [film '30 Days of Night'] which was a bit of a vampire/zombie vibe, wasn't it? So I think he's a great director, and he's quite a funny character as well. So, yeah, we might do something for him as well."
Although Muse have no problems selling albums without the assistance of "Twilight," Howard notes that they're not going to pass up the chance to work on music for the hugely popular franchise. "That's not the sole reason why people know about us, because this is now our fifth album," he said. "But it's a nice side project to be involved with."
via MTV


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