Kristen Setwart on Allure

Here's the Kristen Stewart interview and photos from her Allure magazine cover shoot.
Stewart confesses she wasn't a fan of the Twilight books before taking the role of Bella Swan, but she believes the character is one of the more relatable in the vampire genre. "You're so very much with Bella. You're so in her shoes that it's a vicarious experience. It's addictive."
"Kristen is amazing looking. I just gave her a bit more edge," said makeup artist Dick Page, who smoothed a dot of foundation mixed with cream bronzer on Stewart's face. He traced her eyes with black liner, topped it with gray and bronze shadows, and applied black mascara. He finished by dusting the actress's lips with beige highlighting powder and adding beige lip balm for shine.
Kristen's quotes:
On fame:
"What people told me [when I signed on to 'Twilight'] was that there would be a lot of fan girls, people who love the books, and that they would be obsessed, and I'd get a lot of strife and a lot of praise, too. But people don't tell you that as long as you're living in Los Angeles, it's a show ever second of your day. It's like 'The Kristen Show.' And it's so boring!"
On why she seems so distant all the time:
"Maybe I'm overcompensating. I care so much. And it gets reported as the opposite. And even seeing this [interview], they'll be like, 'Oh, she's trying to let us know ...' I spend so much of my time guarding against sounding insincere about something that I would die for."
And about dressing up:
"I go outside, and I'm wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, 'What's wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush. I'm like, 'Don't you get it? I'm not that girl!' Like, I never was that girl. It's not like I was really clean-cut last year."
What about her weight?
"i don't exercise. i'm skinny fat. i worry about being too skinny."
Check out the magazine shoot here.


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