Kellan Lutz Wants to do his Own Stunts in Eclipse

Kellan Lutz reveals to BlackbookMag about doing his own stunts in Eclipse. In order to get into fighting shape for the combat-heavy Eclipse, the third film in the series, Lutz spent much of the summer getting his body into full beat-down mode. The aspiring action hero even tussled with the movie’s producers over performing his own stunts. “I want to be the guy who actually gets shot and gets his leg broken but keeps on fighting,” Lutz insists. “I want that to be my face on the screen.” But lest audiences think Lutz is all brawn and no brains, they should know that he reads his beloved Kindle between takes. They should also know he gave up a scholarship in chemical engineering to pursue a lucrative modeling career—only to give up his modeling career to pursue an even more lucrative film career. If it gets more lucrative, watch out: Lutz compiles potential inventions in a notebook and cautions, madscientist-style, “If I had millions of dollars I could do something with chemical compounds, some really intense stuff.” via EclipseMovie


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