Eclipse update

It has been a busy, busy week up there in Vancouver, as Mandy sums up the week's shoots.
Monday; was a new location that was (to my knowledge) just a one day shoot. Rob & Kristen had the day off and were rumoured to have been out for dinner with some fellow cast mates. It is funny how many rumours have erupted over what happened that night. I wasn't out. I didn't see them. There are no photos. I don't know.
Tuesday's Update; was mostly where they spent the rest of the week. Forest. Dense. Green. Battle.
Wednesday's Update; more Green, Battle, Forest... I am glad this scene is taking so long... It is a pivotal scene and I want it to be perfect ha ha!
Thursday: quite a few cast members left. Dakota, Cam Bright, Charlie, Wolf-Pack, etc. Some went home, Some went to Chicago's TwiCon.
Friday: they are actually still filming. I usually do not reveal sets until after I know they wrap, however, this set, like the forest they have been at all week, it pretty impossible to get too.... it's Bella's House again...
I am saying this because #1 - I don't really blog for locals - locals can go to sets and do their own set reports if they wish. (Though many can't or don't and do read my blog, it's mostly out-of-town/province/country people) #2 - If people are in town and want to SEE Bella's house - you can't. They block it off so far back you will not get to see the house during filming. And if you go during filming, you likely won't see anything either, unless a cast member drives by and even then, sadly it's hit or miss and often a miss.
Anyhow - they are doing a few shots and I know Billy Burke is in town to film his last Eclipse Scenes.... sad.... I am hoping he is around this weekend and I can meet him as I do have a few plans downtown and will gladly take time out of my day to wander by his local hangouts for a pic and a hello if he's around :-)
Anyways - that's pretty much it for this week.
Twilight Lexicon also tweeted this new photo of Emily (Tinsel Korey) with scars.
David Slade keeps us updated via Twitter.
Grueling week or so, rain hail, long days shot through until past midnight last night then joined 2nd Unit today.
about 6 hours ago from web
2 days ago spent an entire day shooting in a tent. Today shooting with 2nd unit. Big Thanks to all birthday well wishers its been a good day
11:02 PM Sep 26th from web


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