Xavier Samuel talks Eclipse

Moviehole has an exclusive interview with Eclipse newbie (and hottie) Xavier Samuel.
Question: Did you know anything about that particular franchise?
Samuel: To be honest, not really. Like, I watched the film on the plane. And at that stage, I hadn't read the books, but I have now. I knew very little about it. I knew that it was extremely popular, and people kind of go crazy for it.
Question: Crazy is an understatement.
Samuel: Yeah. Like, you know, this notion of eternal love, and danger, and - you know, the thing that you love could kill you - that sort of stuff is, like - I guess it's intoxicating for a lot of people.
Question: And you play a vampire in Eclipse?
Samuel: Newborn vampire.
Question: A newborn vampire. Do you do any research on something like this?
Samuel: Sleep in coffins at night, and stuff like that?
Question: Or look at classic horror films that explored vampire culture.
Samuel: I think that I've resisted that temptation, because the vampires, in Twilight, are very different. I think there's a crucial element to portraying something like that is retaining some sort of humanity, and if you can do that, then hopefully it can work, in less of a stereotypical, clich├ęd kind of way.
Question: Do you have any kind of relationship with Kristen's Bella? I mean, is there a bond of some kind that exists?
Samuel: That's a tricky question to answer, without giving away the plot.
Question: There might be, or there might not be?
Samuel: That's a valid statement. How am I doing evading it?
Question: You're doing very well. David Slade is the third director associated with the franchise.
Samuel: Yeah, David's astonishing.
Question: Now I was wondering whether or not he brings that kind of raw sensibility to this particular interpretation of Twilight.
Samuel: Well, he's such an intelligent, very down-to-earth director. And from what I can gather, the way that he's approaching shooting the film is quite different to the previous two.
Question: Now, is your character in any other books?
Samuel: In Eclipse. Yeah.
Question: Are you prepared for the female adulation that will result from this gig?
Samuel: [LAUGHTER] Look, I don't know how you prepare for something like that. I bet you just sort of take it in stride, and try to manage to lead a reasonably normal life, even if people are following you around while you're getting your coffee.
Question: The upside of doing a movie like that, I guess, is that it does open up a lot more doors for you. I mean, did you notice that the doors were opening a little bit further, that you're associated with such a big movie?
Samuel: Yeah, certainly. I think - you know, work kind of breeds work. And this opportunity has perhaps opened doors that may not have otherwise been open to me. Yeah. That's a wonderful thing.
I think Xavier's rather fetching, no?


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