Eclipse Set Updates

Malicious Mandy reports from the set of Eclipse.
Today there were two sets and a lot of twitter drama over what was happening at each of them.
For that very reason my set report will be brief tonight.
Twitter was all a buzz about one set today and although I didn't go to that set today they have been there for a week now and I have other photos from there that were taken last week and I hope to post tomorrow, providing today was their last day there (The sun has been postponing/adjusting a lot of schedules)
Fans there today reported seeing Jackson waving from a van and umbrella's blocking vehicles. None reported seeing him injured but I believe the reason Jackson was seen coming and going from the set today was because he had to actually leave set briefly due to injury...
From what I heard that set was filming some stunt and action shots involving Jackson Rathbone & Ashley Greene... as a follow up to yesterday.
I do have new photos I took from that new set today.... and I will post those after they wrap that location... I am very excited to tell you what I believe was being filmed and also share the photos and get everyones thoughts on them.
Also tomorrow's set (which I took photos of yesterday) will be posted hopefully tomorrow night (providing it's just a one day shoot there tomorrow)
Confused yet?
Suffice it to say it will be a busy filming week and a busy weekend of photos and reports... I can't wait to share everything with you and get your point of view... I love the help putting puzzle pieces together on what is going on where :)


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