Eclipse set update

Another tweet from David Slade.
2 days ago spent an entire day shooting in a tent. Today shooting with 2nd unit. Big Thanks to all birthday well wishers its been a good day
11:02 PM Sep 26th from web
Malicious Mandy also has many, many new photos of the cast heading out to dinner yesterday.
Tonight was pretty amazing. I had a chance to go fangirl - and that doesn't happen very often anymore....
I knew it was David's Slade's birthday and people suspected a "cast party" but I also suspected he was out of town for filming on the island. [Which I believe even more so now based on his tweets tonight]
Still, paparazzi in high numbers usually indicates Twilight Cast... there are few other stars in town that would generate that kind of excitement and since my friends had reservations already I decided - why not?
[Twitter has been a buzz about a fan tipping off paparazzi where the cast was but I can assure you that wasn't me because when I arrived there were a ton of paprazzi there.... long before I was... when I got there actually they'd apparently been there almost 2 hours...]
We went in and two friends were at the bar so we sat and had drinks and had a great time. Our server was awesome and made us a speciality drink that we all loved. <3>
When I went to use the restroom I came out to Charlie Bewley (who I have seen before from a far but had never met) walking down the hall. He said "Hello Ladies" and was flirty with a friend of mine [whose Bday it was also!]


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