Celebrity sites says Eclipse shooting is 'unique'

The Globe and Mail has an article on how celebrity gossip sites are buzzing about the shooting of Eclipse.
The Twilight films are based on Stephenie Meyer's novels of the same name about the vampire Edward (Pattinson) and Bella (Stewart), the human teen who falls for him. The novels were bestsellers before they hit the big screen, but the films have turned the Twilight industry into an even larger phenomenon – fuelling a staggering interest in the stars.
“Any and every photo – it doesn't matter how bad it is, it doesn't matter how little you can see of the people, the fans want to see everything and they will look at every single photo all day long,”
To say the photos are good for driving traffic to the websites is an understatement.
“I think there's probably more interest in this film than any other,” says Adam Nutburn, whose U.K.-based site Showbiz Spy posts daily updates on the stars in Vancouver. “It's constant.”
“We've never seen this level of interest by the public in something that's filming in British Columbia,” says B.C. Film Commissioner Susan Croome, who adds that, frankly, it worries her. “I think there's always a concern about safety when you have large numbers of people gathering in an area that is effectively a production zone. People are moving around a lot, there's heavy equipment, there's vehicles, there's a lot of elements, and so safety is always an issue on a film set. And when you have people that are keen to see what's going on and maybe not part of the process it's always a concern.”
There's safety – and then there's showbiz snitches. Some of the tips Goodson receives have to do with the film's content. And, like Showbiz Spy, Goodson says PopSugar is getting some of that information directly from the set.
“Luckily for the franchise … it doesn't seem to lessen anybody's interest in it. It's not like they get the scoop and they're like, ‘Oh, I don't need to watch the movie now.' They just want to watch it more.”


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