Cinema Online: New Moon hits 'Comic-Con'

Cinema Online has a new article up on Comic-Con, focusing on the much anticipated movie, New Moon!
27 Jul – The stars of "Twilight" promises fans that the sequel, "New Moon" will have a much more emotional journey and more action than the first film. Fans of the movie phenomenon waited in line to catch their first glimpse of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" at the giant Comic-Con International pop culture convention in San Diego on 23 July 2009. Among those present at the scene were heartthrob Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Green and director Chris Weitz.
Actress Kristen Stewart called the sequel to last November's smash hit "a severely emotional movie" in which her character, teenager Bella Swan, is forced to mature through a series of events that imperil not only her, but her vampire love Edward Cullen.
Lautner had to buff up to fit his role as Jacob Black. Co-star Taylor Lautner promised "double the action than there was before," and said he has packed on the muscle to play werewolf Jacob Black, who befriends and protects Bella. "I changed a lot to portray him correctly," Lautner told reporters ahead of a screening of film footage. "I hit the gym, got a personal trainer, ate good foods, and cut out the sugars.
The "Twilight" films, based on a series of best-selling romance novels by Stephenie Meyer, were virtually unheard of most people. However, due to the promotion at Comic-Con last year, fans eventually turned out in droves when the film opened in November 2008 which propelled it to No.1 at U.S. box offices. The stars had Comic-Con conventioneers to thank for giving it the boost it needed to crossover to mainstream moviegoers. "Comic-Con was the eye opener, and it just keeps getting bigger," said Robert Pattinson.
Edward (left) and Bella. "New Moon" has Bella maturing into adulthood. She is no longer with her love Edward, and her friendship with Black has grown deeper. But events soon bring the two lovers back together. Director Chris Weitz said that it will feature more CGI effects and action sequences. He also said Taylor Lautner did nearly all of his own stunts before joking, "And Rob just kind of stood there looking good, basically."
Just to update ya'll, New Moon will be released in Malaysia under Tayangan Unggul on the 26th November 2009.


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