Rob frenzy up in NYC

Rob is currently in NYC, filming his latest movie, Remember Me.
What happened on set seems to be the biggest news in both the Robsessed world and Twilight world.
Majorly major obsessed Twilighters on the set has gone wild. Really wild. It was reported that Rob was grabbed (OME!!) and mobbed after filming his scenes. Few encounters and reports include:
Lainey Gossip: She’s trying to f-cking TACKLE HIM!!! You have to wonder then… how does Robert Pattinson really feel about Twilight fans? Because…they threw themselves on him. Like grabbed him around the neck! Poor guy. Bloody lunatics.
Twilight Parents Examiner: A couple dozen women lurking in the shadows quickly turned to crazed fan-women encroaching upon Rob's personal space. With a lack of proper supervision from much-needed bodyguards for Rob, chaos ensued. To the point of ridiculousness.
Twilight Examiner: Two women even went so far as to reach through the security that surrounded Pattinson and lay their hands upon him.
These Twibloggers are also against such act of fan-fondling:
People of NYC, give the man some space la!!! Be cool, 'kay... like us Malaysians :D
More on the Rob blog.
Image: EyesOfAmber


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