Metro CA interview with Rob Pattinson

Metro News CA final 5-part interview, this one with Rob Pattinson.
Were you surprised that Twilight became such a phenomenon?
It never ever fails to shock me. Even here. Yesterday, there were 300 people outside the set. It’s just crazy. Every day, every single person I meet knows someone who has a very strong attachment to the books. It’s very difficult to put your head around. I can go through customs at any airport in the world — every customs agent is like, ‘Can I get an autograph for my daughter?’ Every single time! It’s crazy! I just hope it doesn’t change the way I think and stuff.
Which is your favorite motion picture vampire of all time?
I always liked the original Nosferatu. I watched 30 Days of Night recently. I thought it was really good. But I wouldn’t say that I was a vampire fan.
You must be offered a lot of roles now. How are you making your choices?
I judge things purely on the script. I’m booked up for this year. I’ve been doing the most different things you can possibly imagine. Every part is so different. I can’t say any of the parts I’m doing — they haven’t been finalized yet. But I don’t pick them in terms of genre; purely the script. If I like the script and I like the part, then that’s all that matters.
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