Update from Montepulciano

Chris Weitz is spotted on set. A fan, Yunfa, reports:
The director of New Moon, Chris Weitz in the little Montepulciano, having a pre-production meeting with the crew. They were discussing about shots and frames, where to film and how to do it.
An extra also shared the experience of being on the set.
The crew was very quick and organized, and divided all the extras into groups: “the drivers”, “the reds”, and “the blacks”. We felt like the prey of the production company. They then offered us breakfast, which I was grateful for since my stomach was complaining more than Rosalie. Me and all the other drivers (there were about a hundred of us), were then told to park in the front of the main entrance of the town, where a yellow Porsche was also parked! My God, what a beautiful car! The rest of the extras were taken inside the city wall, where they would be shooting the reunion between Edward and Bella later in the week.
Reports: NewMoonMovie


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