Peter Facinelli out, David Slade in, Taylor's sleepy

Another update from Lainey Gossip!
It’s David Slade, the newly confirmed director of Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight series. Slade arrived in Vancouver yesterday to scout locations, meet with production.
Around the same time Slade came, Peter Facinelli left. 
Also attached – a sleepy Taylor Lautner in the afternoon. Staying up late on the phone with Selena? Or do kids not talk on the phone anymore? 
Lainey also mentions this little piece of interesting info of Peter:
We were actually on the same flight to Vegas. Not sure where he was going. I sat across the aisle from him. He was lovely to fans who approached for photos in the terminal and the only other remarkable detail I can give you is that while I was trying to write The Outcast book review, he was givin’er on his iPod, playing some game that required furious tapping and scrolling and shaking. It was distracting and hilarious and adorable, especially when he became extra spastic with the controller. 


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