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Lainey is back with more deets!
It was reported earlier that Rob was spotted flirting with one Erika Dutra, and, of course, they were pictures. So, LG discovered that it was Emile Hirsch's friend who sold Rob out!
Relax ladies. The whole story is suspect. The pictures are suspect, the details are suspect.
Remember Laura, Mio, and I were on the du Cap terrace on Wednesday night? Click here 
 if you have not yet read those posts.
We’d been boozing on the terrace when Pattinson arrived with his management. Emile Hirsch, his girlfriend, and some other girls came later.
Eventually Emile and his girlfriend joined Pattinson’s table. Was funny because Hirsch pulled up two chairs and didn’t bother pulling up a third for the attractive blonde who was with them and clearly wanted to sit down. Laura said her face was kinda pouty. 
And who was she?
Yes, she was Erika. The same Erika with Pattinson in these pictures. 
But they were not taken at amFAR on Thursday. 
They were taken on the terrace.  
We saw her in this outfit Wednesday night, shaking Pattinson’s hand when she was introduced to him by Emile Hirsch and his girlfriend. 
Anyone who has ever been to the du Cap terrace, and we go there every year, have done so for 4 years, can tell you it’s the du Cap terrace.
In other words: a friend of Emile Hirsch misrepresented herself. A friend of Emile Hirsch sold out Robert Pattinson. These photos are being sold in high quality. Which means you can’t blame Facebook because the only way they can be sold in HQ is if they’re the originals. Oh wait, let me guess, her camera was stolen.
Three possibilities:
1. Erika did not f-ck Pattinson the night at the du Cap because if they did go to bed, in selling these pictures, she’s effectively killed any other chance of going to bed with him again. 
2. He turned her down, this is why she’s selling the photos, figuring she may as well profit from his rejection (Laura believes this is the most plausible explanation) 
3. She did f-ck him, doesn’t care to f-ck him again, and figures she should profit from their night together
Whatever the explanation, she’s not showing up in the best light. 
4. Emile Hirsch is a douche. 
5. Emile Hirsch has douchey friends
Lainey also revealed some more New Moon tidbits.
Twi-hards are now rejoicing that Kristen and Robert Pattinson are reunited after a brief separation. The two had dinner last night in Montepulciano where New Moon will shoot with members of the crew. Kristen was photographed rolling a joint and smoking it. She found a hookup fast! 
Filming in Italy will take 4 days. First two days will focus on Bella trying to make her way through the throngs of festival revelers to reach Edward. She jumps in the fountain, wades through it, towards him. Of course she makes it in time at which point he pulls her into a building. 
The article contains major spoilers. Really.
p/s Girl in photo is Peaches Geldof.


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