23 Reasons why we love RPattz

MTV posted a list of 23 reasons why we should Rob (we already do! :D). 23 reasons, cos it's his 23rd birthday. The list is pretty interesting, and pretty much sums up the reasons why we adore this Brit actor so much.
18: He always has that brooding look. It’s like he’s in pain but deep in thought at the same time. It’s kind of amazing.
10: He can talk about his underwear, his toenails, and his not-so-stellar running ability on camera and still make the ladies swoon. I mean how many other heartthrobs would be willing to talk about those topics? Yeah. None.
3: His hair. Whether it’s short, long, unruly, or perfectly styled, he has FANTASTIC hair.
There's more interesting reasons that I do not wanna spoil it for ya'll. Go check it out on MTV.


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