Taylor Lautner spotted

Lainey Gossip reports:
Sunday he and his dad hooked up for a friendly lunch with a girl he used to work with back in the Nickelodeon days. [The girl Taylor is with is Victoria Justice who is a rising star on the Nickelodean network who is in Vancouver shooting the title role for a new Nick oroginal TV movie thriller.]Vancouver is a major production hotspot right now! The girl was accompanied by her mother who is also her publicist. Needless to say, mom/publicist was hoping she could hitch a ride onto Taylor who now, as you know, has earned a very high profile. 
As for what’s happening on set of New Moon today – continuing to shoot break up and Bella losing it and some scenes with Bella and Jacob in her room. Tomorrow, it’s a movie theatre and an Edward apparition and a motorcycle or something.


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