New Moon official artwork released!

Yay!! MTV has the exclusive official artwork for new moon.
The new logo is now orange in colour instead of blue, and the movie is titled "The Twilight Saga New Moon"... way too many words. We know it as new moon. although the artwork suggests that the title's gonna be 5 words long, it will not be. It will ust be called new moon. E! reports.
And despite earlier reports that the movie would be known as The Twilight Saga's New Moon, the title will remain New Moon according to the movie's rep. They just have Twilight Saga in the artwork to identify it for anyone less devoted than your average fanggirl. But there is a distinguishing difference in this title sequence, which will be in orange rather than the blue of the original.
Also, since the logo is orange, I'm changing the colours on my post, too!
Check out New Moon Movie for a HQ image of the artwork.
*Thanks, aisha! :)


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