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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson tell Yahoo! Movies they would work together again if given the opportunity. Stewart and Pattinson sat down with me on Thursday afternoon after I interviewed other leading cast members of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" as well as director Bill Condon and creator Stephenie Meyer, and the two talked about the possibility of a future on-screen collaboration. When I asked Pattinson if he would ever do another movie with Stewart again, he replied, "Yeah, definitely, yeah." But what kind of movie? "Possibly another one of these ['Twilight' films]," the 26-year-old actor said with a laugh. As to not psych out Twi-hards, Pattinson corrected himself, saying, "It probably wouldn't be a vampire movie for a while. That'd be a bit silly." In a separate interview, Stewart was asked whether she'd ever star in another movie with Pattinson. She answered, "Yeah.. I don't want to say that it's rare. I've been really lucky... I've had simply great experiences with a lot of actors that I've worked with that I want to go back and work with again." But when it comes to working again with Pattinson, the 22-year-old actress said, "It would have to be perfect. It would have to be so good just because of, you know, we just did five movies together, we play such particular characters -- I think we'd have to really find something great and different. But yes, absolutely, I would love it." The on-screen/off-screen couple, who sat together and even held hands during other press interviews that day, seemed to be signifying to the world that their relationship is back on track following Stewart's cheating scandal that happened over the summer. And now we also know their working relationship appears to be solid as a rock.

Robert Pattinson was so overzealous in the early days of production on the "Twilight" series that, he says, "I almost got fired." 
The 26-year-old star, who can laugh about the situation now, told Yahoo! Movies on Thursday that while working on the first film he took his method acting to such a "serious" level that "I was fighting with everybody in control all the time… to the point where I almost got fired." 

When asked what he would tell himself when he was first cast in the series -- if he had the ability -- Pattinson expressed he has no regrets -- except for the level of intensity he brought to his co-workers early on as he was playing an angst-ridden teenage vampire. "I was so determined to make it so serious," he recalls of that initial Twilight film. 
Indeed, Pattinson is also known to have butted heads with series creator Stephenie Meyer early on over character motivation. During the interview on Thursday, he indicated the onscreen payoff was worth it: "I like the first one having been so wrought."  

 on being intense when he first got the part of vampire Edward Cullen, Pattinson moved to Oregon (one of the filming locations of the movie) and is said to have taken method acting to new heights for a teen movie -- isolating himself from the rest of the cast to get deeper into character. (He isolated himself from his family and friends too.) Pattinson also trained five hours a day learning how to do fight scenes and play baseball -- a favorite Cullen sport. 
The prospect of getting fired may have seemed real to Pattinson because he got the axe on an acting gig just a few years prior. He was fired from a London play in 2005. Pattinson has since said in interviews that the experience was a good thing -- that he was let go because he was "trying to take risks." Another reason Pattinson may have been sensitive on the set of the first "Twilight" is because he wasn't originally intended for the role of Edward. Henry Cavill -- who is starring as Superman in 2013's "Man of Steel" -- was "Twilight" creator Stephenie Meyer's first choice for the role. But by the time filming began, Cavill was 25-years-old and much too mature looking to play a 17-year-old-looking vampire.

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