Another Blogoversary!

Ah, I guessed I missed my own blogoversary.

Well, guys, what a journey it has been. Since 2008, I've tried my best to deliver as many Twilight news to you as I possibly can. Back then, it was called 'Twilight Malaysia'. It's because (I believe) this was the first Malaysian Twilight blog. We've all gone through the phases together: movie announced, movie countdown, movie release, withdrawal issues. We all made it through!

We all went through insults on how people hate Twilight, that vampires don't sparkle, and that Bella is not a good heroine. We may admit the movie and book isn't that great, but we feel happy because of it. So if you're one of them who has stood up for what makes you happy (like Twilight), then good for you!

From the conception of this blog, up to today, I'm so happy because there are still people viewing my posts. I though I would have burned out after a bit.

We made friends, (shoutout to Twilighters Malaysia!!) and we've enjoyed all the movie moments together. From that first look at the cafeteria, to James in the ballet studio. From the first kiss, to the prom night kiss, up to the wedding day kiss. From Jacob to Edward to Renesmee. From Phoenix, to Forks, to Seattle, and all the way to Volterra. From shapeshifting wolves, to hunky Jacob, to plain-ol-Jake. From 'new girl' Bella, to 'lion and lamb' Bella, hallucinating Bella, suicidal Bella, and newborn vampire Bella. From broody Edward, to sad Edward, to romantic Edward. From silver Volvos, to Alice's ever-changing hairstyle, to Jackson's past vampire life. To Rosalie's bad engagement, to her relationship to Emmett. From Dr. Carlisle, to Esme, to Isle Esme. All this and more, we've gone through it all.

So raise your glass, drink to happiness, and may all vampires and shapeshifters live happily ever after.

To top that off, a flashback to 2008, when my blog appeared in The Malay Mail! It has a screenshot of my old blog banner, which I now miss so so much..

Another old-timer banner from 2008 ;)


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