Stephenie Meyer on OPRAH!

Just as he has with so many other women, Robert Pattinson has become a full-fleged citizen of Stephenie Meyer's fantasy world.
The usually press-shy author who gave life to Bella, Edward, Jacob and a billion-dollar media phenomenon told Oprah Winfrey today that R.Pattz and his unique and "significantly featured" face brought her visions of Edward to life.
"I knew that the problem was going to be Edward, because he's the perfect vampire," Meyer said in what will be her only formal interview before New Moon hits theaters Nov. 20. "How do you cast that from your pool of human actors?"
But Pattinson "doesn't look like everybody else," she said. "There's something unusual. There are moments where he looks exactly like he did in my head."
As for the role of Bella, "there's plenty of people who look like the girl next door. We were really lucky with Kristen Stewart, who is a phenomenal actress."
And the rest is history.
History wrought by a dream that Meyer, a first-time author who had never tried to publish anything, just happened to have.
"It was two people in kind of a little circular meadow with really bright sunlight, and one of them was a beautiful, sparkly boy and one was just a girl who was human and normal, and they were having this conversation," the 35-year-old former stay-at-home mom recalled, describing what eventually became Chapter 13 of Twilight.
"The boy was a vampire, which is so bizarre that I'd be dreaming about vampires, and he was trying to explain to her how much he cared about her and yet at the same time how much he wanted to kill her."
Sounds hot already.
"I got up and got the kids ready for the day, and then I sat down at the computer to write some notes, because I didn't want to forget it," she continued, describing the though process that led to the creation of the Twilight novels. "It was a passion and a frenzy when I started writing. I'd been bottling up who I was so long I needed an expression."
"It was just me spending time in this fantasy world, and when it was finished, it was like, this is long enough to be a book, even. I studied literature and I loved to read, but writing to me seemed—well first of all, everybody knows you can't make a living at writing."
And yet here she is on Oprah, being introduced by the richest woman on TV as a "bazillionaire."
Somehow, Oprah makes Twilight look more sophisticated than it actually is :D


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