David Slade updates from Eclipse set

David Slade gives us more details on Eclipse!
Wrapped Billie Burke yesterday, his description to be clear was an absolute compliment. Forget makeup thing it was a joke for @billy_burke.
about 11 hours ago from web
Nervous morning, I know I should be sleeping, night shoot later, I feel like a marathon runner, but I don't look like one.
about 12 hours ago from web
Almost wrapped @billy_burke, lovely fellow, consummate professional with the wit of a blunt razor re sharpened to a fine point.
8:30 PM Oct 4th from web
http://twitpic.com/kbz74 - Abstract grass from Emily's house location, again his one is screen saver size for widescreen....
8:25 PM Oct 4th from TwitPic
Grueling week or so, rain hail, long days shot through until past midnight last night then joined 2nd Unit today.
7:39 PM Oct 3rd from web
He also tweeted this gorgeous image, with the tweet "meadow"... the meadow updated??? Squee!!!!


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