Us Weekly's The Stars of Twilight: New Moon

Us Weekly is coming up with another special edition magazine, this time it's called The Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon!
Anyone got their hands on the previous Us Weekly SE mag?
via NMM


  1. Yes, I got the previous issue of US Weekly Sexy Stars of Twilight... What bout you??

  2. Hey,
    Do you have any idea where can I get the magazine??

  3. Honestly Im not sure. A friend got it for me. But we normally could get the normal weekly issues of US Weekly magazines right?? You need to constantly look out for it I guess. Its gonna be slightly expensive coz its thick than the normal magazine. And the paper is of good quality. But even if you could get it, im quite sure its gonna be limited. Just like the special Twilight issue. Cant remember the name of the magazine. Got it in Cold Storage.


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