Lee Safar out of New Moon soundtrack

It has been reported that Australian songstress Lee Safar might make the cut for the New Moon soundtrack. However, MTV reports that she will not be featured in the soundtrack after.
Instead, Summit may want to include her in the Eclipse soundtrack.
Here's a statement from Lee Safar:
Summit have advised my team that while they are more than impressed with the songs and with my fan base, the music that was submitted did not fit the overall tone of the soundtrack and won't be used for "New Moon." Summit continues to deal directly with my team, both here in Australia and in LA, and have requested that we submit a never-before-heard "Lee Safar" original track for the "Eclipse" soundtrack. To further solidify the relationship between the Lee Safar brand and the "Twilight" franchise, I have been booked for the Official "Twilight" Tour here in Australia next month and will be the only artist performing on this tour. I will be doing press, TV and radio alongside the "New Moon" stars Kellan Lutz, Chaske Spencer, Charlie Bewley and Tinsel Korey.


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