Jack Huston not expecting fangirls

Really? He's pretty hunky.. E! News interviews the Eclipse newbie, and it turns out that initially he was out of the script, but David Slade wrote him in! How cool! Eclipse's superhot newbie isn't anticipating having to face screaming fanggirls clawing, pushing, shoving and biting for his attention. The actor plays Royce King II, the good-on-paper fiancé to Nikki Reed's Rosalie Cullen, in a flashback sequence. " I don't think I will [face the madness] because of my part," he told E! News at the G-Star Raw fashion show. "I'm actually kind of a nasty guy. I'm her fiancé who ends up basically trying to rape her. It's rather horrible." There's a chance we may never have met Royce and the small but meaty part may not have even existed were it not for David Slade taking a meeting with Huston. "I went in to the director and he very sweetly wrote this part up for me," the actor admits. "It was kind of a nice compliment from him." He does play a role in Rosalie's life, anyway, so why exclude him?...


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