Eclipse filming update

OK, so, I haven't posted much stuff on Eclipse, except for the photos earlier on and MM's report. The Portland Books Examiner summed up a week of Eclipse.
Production of the series moved to Canada starting with the second movie in the franchise – “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” – but the first movie, “Twilight,” was made right here in the Portland-metro area. Since then, the filmmakers have been recreating Portland locations used in “Twilight” as they work on the sequels.
This week was no exception, as filmmakers got to work on the set of protagonist Bella Swan’s house. In the original movie, crews used an actual house in the St. Helens area. For the sequels, “New Moon” and now “Eclipse,” crews built from scratch a recreation of the St. Helens house – with a few adjustments to make filming easier (such as a few missing walls).
Throughout the week, filming returned to Bella’s house. Lainey Gossip reports that scenes filmed at Bella’s house this week included moments between both Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her werewolf-friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), romantic scenes between Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson), and Bella hanging out with her human friend, Angela (Christian Serratos), as “they talk about boys and Bella’s Edward/Jacob love triangle.”
Later, Lainey Gossip also reported that crews filmed a scene, in which the bad-vampire Riley (Xavier Samuel) creeps into Bella’s room – while Edward acts the hero and realizes someone was there.
Lainey Gossip also reports that most of the filming for the scenes at Bella’s house were moved inside to a soundstage – away from fans and photographers, alike. But cameras were snapping on Monday – when Kristen Stewart was spotted filming a scene with Sarah Clarke, who plays Bella’s mother, Renee. In the photos, you can see them conferring with director David Slade. Fans know that early in Eclipse, Bella pays a visit to her mother in Florida. From the looks of these photos, it looks as if the Pacific Northwest weather cooperated long enough for filmmakers to recreate that Florida sunshine in Canada


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