Anna Kendrick: 'New Moon' Stays Faithful To Book

Anna Kendrick explains that although alterations have been made to the New Moon story, it is still faithful to the book.
"The things about playing one of the human characters and the non-supernatural characters in the 'Twilight' series is we have a lot more liberty to make it our own and change things," Anna said. "People don't have that attachment that they do to the myth -- the world -- Stephenie Meyer created in terms of the supernatural aspect."
Anna plays the sweet but jealous Jessica, who envies Forks High stud Mike Newtons interest in Bella. But, as shown by the fan love given to Mike Welch, who plays Mike Newton, Anna should be careful not to speak too quickly when she discusses fans not caring about the tweaks onscreen in their beloved vampire novels.
"We're having fun and we're being faithful to the book but, a few changes," Anna added. "But I hope that they're fun."
via MTV


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