No more Twilight bashing!!

Amanda Bell, The Twilight Examiner posted a new article, asking that the media should stop bashing up Twilight and its fan community.
That's it. Somebody has to say it. Enough with the passive aggressive Twilight fan-bashing already.
Today, an article by the Frisky's Nikki Dowling has effectively taken a place as the 1,037,394th (rough estimate, naturally) article writer to take a stab at fans of the Twilight series and their interest in becoming an active community.
For months, it has been a running gag. Media outlets post snippets of information about the Twilight series, its cast, the studio involved, and the fans, but they do so under the auspices of irritation. An air of accomplishment accompanies their snarky remarks about fans of the series.
Today's article is a prime example of that incessant patronization.
Instead of simply parlaying information about a recent collaboration made between the Twilight film studio (Summit Entertainment) and one of the most prominent Twilight convention companies (Creation Entertainment), the writer has chosen to open her article with this title: "'Twilight' Sells Out More Than We Thought Possible."
To add insult to the injurious sentiments carried by the article (in essence, a suggestion that the collaboration is a "ridic" marketing decision), the writer proceeds to characterize Twilight fans in a derogatory light.
You go, girl!! We're with ya on this one! I'm starting a trending topic on Twitter, #twilightersfightback. No more Twi-bashing!!


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