Interview with New Moon Producer Wyck Godfrey

During filming of New Moon in Vancouver, various Fan Sites had the opportunity to visit the set and interview Wyck Godfrey, who produces both Twilight and New Moon.
[Fansites quickly ask how Chris Weitz is doing]
Wyck: [Chris Weitz] has an ability to really communicate his ideas very calmly and cleanly-and I think they all just love it…. That’s going to be one big thing for the fans, being like “Oh my Gosh, I had no idea!” None of you were here ever in Portland when we shot Bella’s house, right? (No) We completely built the exact replica.
Fansites: I know, it’s beautiful! How long did it take to build?
Wyck: Hmm, I don’t know, I think we got it up in like…well first of all what we did was we built it all in the studio lot,… and then took it apart in walls and moved it. Yeah, so the building process there was like maybe month of really getting it right. Then getting it up here was like, a week. The landscaping actually was, oddly enough, the thing that takes a lot of time. Trying to get the grass right, and finding the trees, you know? The appropriate trees…
Fansites: You’ve already shot the end?
Wyck: Yeah. We haven’t shot the Italian stuff, we’ve shot when they come back, and the part with Jacob in the road and he reminds Edward of the treaty, and her. She basically has to say,”We had a great time, but Edward’s back, you know.”
Fansites: What’s been the most challenging thing so far?
Wyck: The most challenging thing so far, has probably been the meadow scene with Laurent. You know, with the wolves attacking. Part of what made it challenging, was to find…I mean actually what we didn’t really find in the first film, which is the meadow that is what everybody thought of when they read the books. I mean honestly, we went like an hour and a half out of town, it’s right at the foothills of the mountain, and literally we are walking through the woods, and you come to this perfectly round meadow, and we are like, “Oh my gosh, this is it!” I mean the problem was that last year we had a meadow but it was still under snow cover at the end of the shoot. So we had to scramble to find a place. Also, we shot that scene with all the mossy trees and rocks with all the moss that wasn’t really the meadow. Then we had the meadow scene in LA. (Laughs) It was awkward! The reason that it was challenging from the production stand point is that we shot the scene over the course of like three days, and one day it was perfect kind of overcast, you know, weather, and the next day it snowed four inches!
So we were like, okay, we’ve got to go inside and shoot something here. Then finally, the snow finally melted, we had like heaters out there melting the snow, so we could shoot the second half of the scene and match it from the other day. Then it’s just hard like, technically hard, because we’ve got CG characters. Laurent’s got to go like, “Oh my gosh, there’s nothing! There’s a green ball and it’s coming after me!” I think that’s been the most challenging, is the coordination with the CG wolves with Laurent, and you know, he’s still got to move like a vampire and all that, so it was pretty complicated. It was also far out in the middle of nowhere, so it wasn’t like, “Here, you can step off onto the road with your equipment.” You’re like, hauling everything through mud and trying to get out there.


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