Top 5 Fav Twilight Movie Awards Moment

MTV lists down their Top 5 Twilight MMA Moments:
Although the night yielded many memorable "Twilight" moments, here are our top five:
5. Andy Samberg's Opener
Sure, the "Saturday Night Live" funnyman spoofed "Slumdog," "Trek" and others while kicking off the night's festivities, but it was his love-struck moment with Edward Cullen that got some of the biggest laughs of the night. And who knew that Taylor Swift was a student at Forks High? Maybe Andy could title his next viral video "Cullenlover."
4. RPattz Breaks Through
A new noise-level record might have been set at the Gibson Amphitheatre when Robert Pattinson won Breakthrough Male Performance and took the stage to accept his award. First, presenter Jonah Hill jumped up and down like a teenage girl — then Rob delivered what might be the line of the night. "I don't know how many more of these awards I can come up for," he said with his signature mix of British charm and eccentricity. "Because I think there's a little bit coming out of my pants right now."
3. Kristen and Rob Fake Us Out
Remember a few years back, when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling celebrated their "Notebook" win by giving us a Movie Awards moment to remember? Well, in the weeks leading up to this year's awards, Twilighters had been hoping RPattz and KStew might do the same, and apparently, they'd heard the buzz. Rob carefully removed his gum, inched closer and closer toward a seductive Kristen, until their faces were against each other — and then Kristen turned away at the last second to say, "Thank you so much!" Let's just hope that Rob had a cold shower waiting for him backstage.
2. "New Moon" Rising
After a brief moment when Andy Samberg faked out Twilighters worldwide, the stars of the series took the stage to unveil the real "New Moon" trailer. The video swept across the world like wildfire, got glowing reviews from "Twilight" fans and launched a coming-out party for Taylor Lautner as the series' other heartthrob. "Get your TiVos ready," Lautner grinned while introducing the clip. "You're gonna want to watch this more than once."
1. Best Movie
There is no higher honor to be given at the MTV Movie Awards, and on Sunday night, it was handed to the overjoyed cast of a cultural phenomenon that few had heard about before last year's ceremony. As Catherine Hardwicke and her sexy cast crowded onstage to give praise to Stephenie Meyer, millions of "OME!" shrieks poured out from bedroom windows all over the world. Now, with "New Moon" and additional sequels on the way, the only question is whether they can pull off a "Lord of the Rings"-like sweep of future ceremonies as well.


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