Taylor reacts to the New Moon trailer

MTV's Larry Carroll asks Taylor of his thoughts on the New Moon trailer.
"I was so excited [to see it]. I knew when we were filming it, it was going to be amazing," the 17-year-old star beamed. "Especially with [director] Chris Weitz and the whole cast and crew working with us. After seeing the trailer, it was pretty good. The fans are going to be pleased."
As Lautner's understatement of the year sunk in, I also made sure to ask him about one of the trailer's breakout shots: a shirtless glimpse at the buff bod he's been working on since "Twilight" stopped filming.
"I don't know," he smiled when asked about a worldwide audience of millions seeing him shirtless. "It's a little [embarrassing], I don't know. But I'm glad the werewolf made it in."
If shirtless Lautner is the money shot, then the wolf he transforms into is mucho dinero. "So cool!" he exclaimed. "It's bigger than what I expected, which is awesome, because I get to be pretty big and scare Edward a little bit. The werewolf is so cool!"


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